When to Hire a Sales Consulting Firm?

As I sit here rather tongue in cheek trying not to respond with “RIGHT AWAY” considering Sales has been a passion of mine for my whole life. The reality of it is that in many companies the time is well past where they should have called and scrapped their ideas of how sales should be run and reach out to someone who has the knowledge set and skill level to turn things around like the highly trained professionals at Endurance Marketing. The great news is that regardless of where you are in your company’s sales journey it is never too late to turn it around.

What is Sales Consulting?

Sales Consulting seems to sound a lot like the commonly used title of “Sales Consultant”, which to me sounds a little misleading in its own considering those hired for that role are not real consulting on the way to sell but rather trying to get someone to purchase a product. So now let’s look at the sales consulting industry, which may also be considered Marketing Consultant but we are talking about someone who has the knowledge, skills, and experience to help a company overhaul their sales strategies and departments. That to me is sales consulting.

What do they do?

Our Gilbert consulting service consists of individuals who have the knowledge, skill, experience, and understanding in the world of sales to look subjectively at a company’s sales processes and make suggestions as to how to turn it around. In many cases, the companies who turn to these individuals to evaluate, observe, suggest changes and train they’re less than productive sales team. Considering the sales industry can be rather complex this process can take some time and some getting used to but at the end of the day the Consultant’s role is to work closely with the sales team to reach the given targets by the company who has hired them. When hiring a Sales Consultant the goal is to inject the knowledge, skills, and abilities into the sales team to increase Revenue.

Services Provided

Sales Strategy: A solid sales team starts with a solid strategy. The job of the consultant is to look deeply into a company’s sales strategy such as; contact strategy, outbound, and inbound strategy, presentation or proposal strategy, closing and follow up. Once the strategies have been fully evaluated they should then be tweaked to optimize productivity.

Sales Productivity: This is the how’s it going off sales. Once the strategies are properly implemented the next Metrix is how is it being followed and where are the issues when it comes to productivity. Let’s face it change is hard and adapting to something new is even harder so this is one of the toughest to gauge in the beginning because it takes guidance and training to ensure productive measure are being met. This is a great opportunity for the Consultant to make changes where changes are needed as well as train those doing the work.

Sales Performance: This is where productivity and strategy meet. At the end of the day, performance is the ultimate goal. At this point, the Consultant is able to interject where needed to offer insights and make changes to the processes where needed. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Reporting: Let’s face it the higher ups are obsessed with seeing it on paper. The sales consultant is responsible for comprising the reports and presenting those to the powers that be in order to prove that his/her services are useful. Also, this is a basic report card of how the changes have affected the bottom and we all know that’s really what matters.


Whether you are a start-up or a seasoned business professional it may be time to realize that the struggles in sales may have to do with the approach. If this is you do not hesitate to turn to a professional and get the advice that is needed to turn the ship around.

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