Endurance Marketing…What’s that about?

Digital Marketing that Endures

In the early days of Endurance Marketing there was a lot of questions around the name. There were some concerns about how it would be perceived from a customer standpoint as well as how the story would connect with an audience looking to improve their digital marketing. Working with my business partners we wanted it to be personal and not simply a flashy name or catchy buzzword.  What are we passionate about? How did we get here? These were the questions we asked. At the end of the day only one word came to mind “Endurance”. We have been through a lot, fought hard, trained hard, learned a ton and honest at times just endured what life gave us. It as clear what our name was going to be, “Endurance Marketing”.

No Fancy Industry Terms

The definition of Endurance is rather straight forward. It means “to endure or to press through”, this could be concerning something physical, mental, emotional or a mixture of them all. At the end of the day Endurance means simply having the strength to press through anything that you are faced with. Our team has had its fair share of trials in all aspects of life. All of which have made of stronger, smarter, and more able to tackle the challenges that are to come. We have all agreed that the ability to endure is in our hearts and we realize that no matter what comes our way we will come out on top.

Considering we are in an industry that is chalked full of buzzwords and fancy and funky brands we were concerned at first that maybe we were being a tad bit simple with the name. As our mission, vision and values started to come together we realized that the term Endurance not only applied to our personal and physical lives, it applied to our business lives as well. The reality is that anyone who has seen any sort of success in business has had to face adversity and can understand what it takes to Endure. So, it may not be fancy, it may not be flashy, but it is real.

Running it off

As stated previously, many of the challenges that our team has faced required extreme mental, physical, and emotional strength to push through. As the dust cleared we all realized that we needed something to stay focused on the goal of being successful in life and making an impact. Our team turned to running as a release as well to continue train ourselves to preserver. Before we knew it, we were toeing the line at our first 5k, then 10k, half marathon, 30k and finally a marathon. Running became a passion and a bit of a metaphor for what was to come.

Anyone who knows running knows that you can without a firm foundation and proper training it is near impossible to finish strong. What we didn’t realize were those same principles were what Endurance Marketing’s methodology and mission would be built on. Our foundation was built upon the principles and training that we received while walking the halls of some massive agencies, working with the big clients. We learned what we did and what with didn’t want Endurance to be.

Straight Forward, to the Point Strategy that Endures

As we nailed down what we didn’t want Endurance to be a term kept coming to mind. We wnted to be the “anti-agency”. What our year of experience uncovered was we to be a customer focused, straight forward, no red tape type of company. To be the “anti-agency” we decide to remove the typical stumbling blocks to success that our clients of old ran into. It is rather simple, we would require no contracts, no communication blocks, no ticky tac billing strategies. The goal was to create, present and deliver strategies that create lasting results, while allowing our clients the piece of mind knowing they were in control.

We operate on these principles:

  • No Secrets-We believe our clients should know everything that is going on with their campaigns.
  • Communication is Key- Although we don’t require much we do require our clients keep an open chain of communication, which typically includes at minimum bi-weekly phone meetings to endure we are on the same page. We have found that this is where the magic happens. We also set our clients up with a designated communication channel that includes access to the subject matter experts on their campaign. No more jumping through hoops to get answers.
  • Flexibility is Key- Like stretching before a run, flexibility is an important factor in our company. Our business model is build in a way that allows us to be agile and make changes to campaigns on the fly. If we are not seeing the results we expect then it may be time for a change. At minimum every campaign is re-evaluated quarterly to ensure we are on the right path.
  • You’re never Stuck- As mentioned previously we have eliminated the requirements of long term contracts. Not only are these restrictive but they tend to add unnecessary stress to the campaign. In our case the requirement is on us to ensure you are getting what you had hoped . If you are not happy with us, just let us know.

In conclusion, Endurance Marketing is built to be different. We are built to outlast, out train, and out work the competitors. We are looking for partners in the digital world to work and grow together with relationships build on trust and a winning mentality. Endurance is here to stay.

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