About Us

Our Story

Our founders made there way here through many unorthodox paths from stay at home dad’s to Digital Marketing Masters they are from many different walks of life. After struggling through the ups and downs of life they decided that they needed to get to work. They knew that in order to be great they had to get to training, so train they did. They started training physically to help overcome the challenges in life and from a business standpoint because they knew that they could make a difference by doing things differently. After a few years they found themselves able to complete physical feats that they never before envisioned and had also gained the experience necessary to decide that big agency life was not for them. Out of their passion for enduring and their desire to help others succeed Endurance Marketing was born. 

The "Anti-Agency"

Our Team has years of experience working with client of all sizes for different agencies. The force that drove us to starting Endurance Marketing was to branch away from a traditional agency and bring a fresh, new approach to the market. We call ourselves the “Anti-Agency”. 

We have all heard stories of companies being burnt by marketing agencies, who promise the world until you sign on and from that point fall short on delivery or become difficult to work with. Many of these people were then locked into long term contracts and are forced to either continue to work with them or pay thousands of dollars to get out of the contract. These cases are why the Digital Marketing industry faces constant scrutiny and people are hesitant to engage. We want to change that!!

Our goal is to become a place where our clients feel comfortable sending their friends and family. Heck, we we want to feel like we are their friends and family. If you are someones friend or family member would you put them under contract to work with them? We don’t think so.. If you asked a friend for advice on marketing would you expect them to hold back information until you signed on with them? We think not.. We believe in a a very straight forward approach with no secrets, no legal mumbo jumbo, and no hassle. Give us a try, worst case scenario you get some free advice.  


We want to get to know you!!

We love to give advice. Let’s talk about your current situation and where you would like to go.